Vegan Eats! Vegan Buys!


Hello, ALL!!

So here a few of the things I ate this week. Just in case this is the first blog post you’ve read of mine, I am a vegan mama. I am an ethical vegan which means I do it for the animals because I love animals and can’t stand the thought of anyone dying for me to eat a meal, especially if it is not necessary for my survival. There are too many other options. There are too many delicious vegetables and plant based foods to eat! Here are a few things me and my kiddos ate recently!

This was a variation of cabbage soup. I have been obsessed with cabbage soup this fall. I love the way it aroma drifts through the house smelling oh so delicious and it is… SO DELIICIOUS!!! Even the babies loved it and they are my little picky eaters! Kid tested, mama approved!


This is baked French fries with Gardein Fishless Fillets. I don’t know what kind of magic they used but these fishless fillets taste just like real fish sticks, minus the cruelty! Kid tested, mama approved!

This here is Wild Harvest brand Roasted Beat and Kale veggie burgers. I doubled it up and added some Chao cheese sclices (Plant based cheese) on a pretzel bun and topped it with some spinach. Yum!


I fried an eggplant. I mixed flour with seasonings and added water to get a perfect batter and coated each slice and fried in a skillet. Now this isn’t the healthiest vegan meal but the kids loved and as you can see, I added a side of (more) veggies! Kid tested, mama approved!

I got this delicious treat from a local Chinese food restaurant. The St. Louis Kitchen. General Tso’s Tofu and spring rolls. Now I would not recommend this for the kiddos as it was very, VERY spicy! Now for me on the other hand, it was delicious!!!


This was sloppy joe’s made with Boca Beef Crumbles and a can of Delmonte Sloppy Joe sauce. I usually use Mannwich but they only had this brand. I double checked the label and it was still vegan and it was delicious with a side of veggies! Kid tested, mama approved!

This was Gardein Crispy Tenders with a little BBQ sauce for dippin! Kids love to dip so I include it with most of their meals. Kid tested, mama approved!

This was another delicious take out experience from a local Chinese Restaurant called China Wok. It’s broccoli in garlic sauce and I have them add mushrooms to it. It is addictive! I love the sauce! Although it is very garliky so if you plan on making out with someone later, just be warned! lololol I did not share this with the kids but it is not spicy so they could definitely have some. My kids love spring rolls too! Kid tested, mama approved!

Vegan Buys!

Well I guess I should say vegan buy (singular)! lol This was early Christmas present from my Hubby! I swear I am going to wear these everywhere! I haven’t worn them yet. I read the reviews and they said you should probably get some sole inserts so I am going to do that. I have some sensitive soles… but as soon as I get those… EVERYWHERE!!! <3


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