Days 33, 34, & 35 – Expecting The Unexpected/ Getting Back On Track

The Unexpected

Hey, Mama’s! I know its been a little while since I last posted. I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life but I am back… Like a bad habit! lol Life has changed for me a lot in the last few weeks. Last time I checked in I was planning out my Halloween festivities for the kids. I wanted to attend every Halloween event being offered! That might have been a little unrealistic but I didn’t care. I was certainly going to try! I am very glad that I did take the kiddos to the events leading up to Halloween because Halloween night was definitely a drag. I worked on Halloween as most of us did since it was a Wednesday. I saw on the news that morning that people were starting a petition to have Halloween moved to the 4th Saturday of the month. I thought this was the most awesome idea ever. I have to Google that to see how it went! lol Anywho… I got home and I was exhausted! I almost didn’t want to go but the kids were so excited that I could never have let them down by canceling. The Hubby felt equally exhausted and didn’t want to go either but I dragged him out anyways. We left at about 7 pm. I wanted to make sure we weren’t too early. I made that mistake last year. 10 minutes after we left our neighbor calls my husband to ask if he was at home cause it looked like someone was in our house. My husband was like call the cops! The kids had just made it to the first door to get candy. I felt so bad. When we got home the cops were in our house. The kids spent the evening sitting in our mini van with our neighbor (God bless her and her son) while the police dusted for fingerprints and took pictures. Luckily our neighbor was watching our house and called the cops as fast as he did otherwise I’m sure they would have gotten way more than they did. He said the cops showed up in 4 minutes of him calling. They got very little but what they did get was expensive. Very replaceable though. The only thing that couldn’t be replaced was our peace of mind. We have since gotten a security system and the landlord has fixed all of our lighting fixtures outside our house. I feel like the fact that it was so dark around our house made us an attractive target. We added a couple of solar-powered motion sensor lights as well. I even added a little more security to my vehicle as well. You can never be too safe. I still can’t believe it happened and these thieves ruined my babies Halloween but I do realize that it could’ve been worse and I am thankful that we are all safe. Hopefully our Thanksgiving will be very uneventful! lol

Day 35 – Health + Children + Veganism= Loving yourself

I am very excited to get back on track with my fitness goals. I have just been so blah lately. I guess with the break in and the holidays and just working so hard. I just don’t feel like myself sometimes. I try not to let life get me down sometimes but it does. Working out is the simplest thing in my life and I like the feeling that it gives me when I’ve finished. One of the things I love about it is I feel like I’ve accomplished something! My body feels stronger and I am less tired. I actually ordered new uniforms for work the other day and I have had the same size uniforms for the last 4 years and I actually was able to go down a size in my pants. I got the same size shirts but that is because it is winter so I want room to layer if needed (It is needed already!) but my pants are like MC Hammer pants! Way too much space! I could have a thousand layers if needed! lol So I am pretty excited about that. I just have to take them to get hemmed. I hate that part. Like I said though, the little things! Another thing I love about working out is that I set an example for my children. I am helping them by teaching them healthy habits early on. I may preach veganism to them in order to help them see the truth about the food industry and help them to love animals alike but I will never tell them they are fat or they eat too much or talk about being on a diet. I preach being healthy as opposed to wanting to lose weight. Even though that is what I want to do, they don’t know that. Racism, sexism, bigotry and hate are bad things but I am a firm believer that it all starts at home and it starts with Speciesism.


[ˈspēSHēˌzizəm, spēsē-]

  1. the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.
    No child should be raised to hate but when we teach them that it is ok for animals to be tortured, abused, and murdered in order for us to enjoy a meal then we are setting the stage for hate to easily slip in. I want my children to love themselves and to love ALL others! I know that I kind of slipped of topic there but oh well. All of these things are related. Nutrition and Physical fitness are like peas and carrots.
    Well I’m going to wrap this up.

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