A Perfect Fall Weekend/ Something For Me and Something For Them/ Trunk or Treating :-)

Happy Sunday, Mama’s!!!

Do you know how much I love my bed and the weekend?

So I thought I’d talk about my weekend a little bit. It is never long enough and I am always working for it! Disclaimer: I am so grateful to have a job and a means to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Don’t want to seem ungrateful or anything! lol Now with that being said, I wait all week for Friday!! I can’t wait and I count down the days till I can be off! I greet everyone with a very Happy Monday!!! Happy Tuesday!! Happy so on and so forth till we get to the most glorious Friday!! It is so weird because it’s not like every weekend is just so full of non stop fun. Just a little rest and relaxation. Maybe a chance to sleep in a bit. With my job, I have to be in at 6 am which means I have to be up at 5 am. This isn’t so bad compared to some because I know folks at my job that have a 30 to 45 minute commute and sometimes even more! I only have a 15 minute drive, maybe 10 on a weekend when traffic is super clear. The weekend, however is my chance to sleep till a normal time! My bed is sooooooo comfortable that I could write a song about! It is warm and comfy and cozy and sometimes the hardest part about my whole day is just getting out of it in the morning! I have even been making it a point to wash my bedding more often and I got these lavender dryer sheets… HEAVEN!!!  A nice comfy, cozy, clean bed smelling of lavender. Yeah, I don’t know how I will ever get out of bed in the morning! Did I tell you how much I love my bed? lol

My little Nikki Junya tucked into my comfy bed! <3

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

So anyways, This weekend was especially nice because I got to sleep in 2 days in a row. I never understand parents who are mad when there is no school because I love it! You don’t have to wake up and get anyone ready for school and drop everyone off and by time you’re done with that the babies are up and there is no going back to sleep! I love long weekends for the kids. This weekend was a long weekend for the kids due to parent/ teacher conferences. I got mine done on Thursday on the way home from work and it wasn’t that bad either. I remember when my oldest, Isaac, was in kindergarten, I despised parent/ teacher conferences. The teacher would be so mean and harsh. I don’t know if it was because I was a young mother so she felt that she didn’t have to treat me with the respect she showed the older parents. She was not understanding at all. I remember her telling me that if she could just take my son home with her for a week she would straighten him out! He was in Kindergarten! Such a bitter old woman. They tried to give him the same teacher again the next year but I put in for a transfer to another class because I didn’t want this bitter old lady to break my sons spirit. They did and I remember the first parent/ teacher conference I had with his new teacher was so nice. She was pleasant and so complimentary of Isaac that I cried. I had almost started to think that I was a failure as a parent and that Isaac would never succeed in life. That is what a horrible teacher can do to you. I am so grateful that both Izzie and Lil Will have such wonderful teachers! My Hubby did my daughters p/t conference but I did Will’s. His teacher is wonderful and even though he is behind on some things she understands that I have a 1 and a 3 year old as well as work and she reassured me that he is not the only one.  I see her everyday when I pick the kids up and she sees me with my double stroller or sometimes without trying to contain 2 toddlers. She has always been pleasant.  She suggested ways to help him to get back on track and even offered extra tutoring for him. She is such a wonderful teacher!

Cleaning House and Weekend Vegan Eats!

So Friday and part of Saturday, I spent the day washing laundry and cleaning house. I went to the laundry mat with the kiddos, 4 against 1!!! Don’t you love the odds! lol We got some vegan  Impossible burgers and fries from White Castles and the kids had a blast. The lady working there even put on Nickelodeon on the television for them to watch. Who knew the kids would have so much fun just running around the laundry mat in circles. I’ve been trying to catch up on my never-ending chore list. That is why I went to the laundry mat in the first place. It would take me ALL DAY just to wash all of my blankets and pillows and curtains so instead I just take them to the mat and it takes 2 hours instead! I went home and cleaned some more. All that dust that has accumulated during the summer, under the couches and on the ceiling fans. I got all that stuff cleaned. Cleaned the curtains in my room and the bathroom but I still need to wash the living rooms and dining room curtains. Everyone has clean bedding… IN THE WHOLE HOUSE! 😀 I made breakfast on both days for the kids and my husband. I love easy meals and I saw this idea on Facebook or YouTube (Can’t remember which) where you take a can of pie filling and a roll of croissants and make your own turnover type dessert. Just a dollop of pie filling onto the croissant before you roll it up and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake! Super easy and delicious! I did cherry and blueberry this weekend. Last weekend I did apple. I think apple was my favorite, then blueberry and then cherry. Cherry and blueberry were also good mixed together. I think next weekend I will see if I can find some sweet potato and pumpkin pie filling.  The coolest thing about this simple dessert/ breakfast is that it is vegan!

I also broke out some of my coffee mugs that haven’t been used in a while. <3

I got these coloring books from Dollar General as an impulse buy… I love Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book!!! <3

I made some vegan spaghetti using Boca “beef” crumbles… the kids LOVED it!

Trunk or Treating FUN!

Saturday I took the kids toTrunk or Treating in Florrisant, MO. It was free and  and it started at 2pm and the best part of all, it was ONLY 2 HOURS! I love events that aren’t late in the evening and not overly long events. I guess I am getting old or maybe I know my pain limit now? I got 2 hours in me to be out with all the kids by myself before snapping and cursing them all out!!! lololol Trunk or treating is pretty cool because people decorate the trunks of the their cars and hand out candy. The kids had so much fun and got to dress up in their Halloween costumes. I figured I would try to get the most wear out of them this year as I can. I was lucky enough to not have to spend any money on them this year. Lil Will and Nicolas both fit their costumes from last year still and they still Batman and Ninja Turtles. My lovely mother found costumes for my daughter and baby boy at the thrift store. She is always the best at finding really great items at the thrift stores. I was very proud of myself for keeping track of all the costumes from last year. I got some of those vacuum seal storage bags and everything was perfectly folded and tucked away at the top of my closet. I even had my own costumes from last year. Walmart had adult onsies and I had gotten a Care Bear one for myself and a clown one for my oldest son but he actually informed me that it was Harley Quinn and he didn’t want to wear it so I wore it instead. That just meant an extra costume for me. Yay! I got a Dead Pool one for my husband. Now that I think about it, he might have to work! 🙁 Anyways, back on topic! Trunk or treating was fun and the kids had a blast! There is going to be another one next weekend so we will probably go to that one too. And we still have to make it to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins to carve. Plus I want to make it to Six Flags for Frightfest once before Halloween! Looks like next weekend will be busy so I had better finish all my cleaning today! A to do list of fun!! 😀

Well that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, Mama’s!!!

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