Day 31 – Because I’m Grown!

Hello, Mama’s!!!

Long time no see! I know its been a few days since my last check in. I was a little depressed about my weigh in and kind of took a week off. I know that probably wasn’t very helpful to the process, especially since I was already depressed about making so little progress. lol Oh well is my answer to that. I’m grown so I did what I wanted to do! I felt that I was way too emotional about not meeting the goals I wanted to meet. Not loosing as much as I thought I should lose. I’m only human so I gave myself permission to take a step back and take a pause. A mental and physical pause break. Sometimes it is hard being a mom of multiple small children and working a full-time job. I spend all day at work and then rush home to kids. I load up the babies to go pick up the school age kids from school. I workout and make dinner and try to catch up on laundry and clean the house and take care of the animals. Help the kids with homework which is sometimes the most mentally exhausting part of the day. I don’t know if it is me or if other parents feel the same way about homework but these teachers seem like they are asking more and more and it’s not from the kids but us parents. This week is parent teacher conferences and they wanted me to make 3 separate appointments to see each child’s teacher. For my teenage son, that would be multiple teachers. My daughter see’s a speech therapist and she wanted to make us 3 separate appointments just for her alone but luckily my Hubby told her no. If she had more stuff to talk about then she had better do it then and there because she didn’t even know how hard it was to make it to just that one appointment! lol What they don’t understand is that we are exhausted! With work and everyday activities and you want us to sit through all these appointments with a 1 and 3-year-old to corral. I just want to tell them all where they can shove it! Ugh! So this week I took a break from the one thing that I could. I couldn’t not go to parent teacher conferences. I did cancel a doctor’s appointment but that was because I had to work. My body was hurting everyday and I just wanted to cry at the thought of failing. I think I made the right decision. Sometimes you just have to take a mental health break.  I think I will start back at day 31. At least I still stuck to my fairly good eating habits during the last few days. Like I said in a previous blog, Life happens! Things rarely goes as planned and that is ok. We as mom’s have to go easy on ourselves sometimes. We can’t be Superwoman all of the time. We can’t get it right all of the time! We can’t compare our life situations to everyone else either. Maybe my weight loss is going to be more gradual than I thought. Maybe the weight isn’t going to just fall off of me like it does some other. I have to remember that for the last 4 years I was either pregnant of nursing. I was pregnant with Nicolas (3) for 9 months then nursed for 11 months before finding out I was pregnant with Samuel (1). So pregnancy for another 9 months and then nursing again for another 11 months. I’ve been literally eating for 2 for the last 4 years. It took that much time to put this weight on. I’m not saying that it will take me that long to lose it but maybe I shouldn’t expect it to happen in a month either. Technically I started my weight loss journey at the end of January and even though the scale says I’ve only lost 30 lbs, I feel as if I’ve lost more. I have way more energy and can keep up with my kids better than I did before. My side by side of me at the beginning of this year and now, is the progress picture that gives me hope.

March 1st    October 11th of 2018

I said at the beginning of this year that this would be my healthiest year ever and I’m still working on that. When I look at this picture I see my hard work paying off. It took 9 months to stretch my stomach out and it took 9 months for me to finally not look 9 months pregnant! I am very proud of myself and I promise not to be so hard on myself from now on. I can do this! Now let’s try this again!

Happy Day 31, Mama’s!!!

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