Day 28 – Changing My Diet/ Grocery Store Haul/ Lazy Saturday In Bed/ Vegan Eats!

Good Morning, Mama’s!!

Today is Day 28 and only 2 more days till my next weigh in and updated pictures. I was thinking about doing the measurements too. I can’t believe i made it to 30 days! 🙂 This makes me so happy and also motivates me to keep going because if I made it to 30 then 60 is right around the corner. Today I am doing Fire 45 and Stretch 10. On Thursday I did HIIT 20 and Sculpt 30. I was very proud of myself for working out when I didn’t feel like it. I was very skeptical of doing the sculpt workout because I hate the bands. I feel like my arm strength is not where I want it to be. I sometimes wonder if this is just me being afraid to push myself. If I tell myself I can’t do it then I really wont push myself to do it. I need to push myself regardless of what I may feel. Whether I think I can or cant, I should always at least try hard! Well the sculpting workout was hard but usually I am watching that clock at the bottom of the screen. Waiting and praying for it to be over but I was so into my workout that when I did look at the clock, I only had 2 minutes left! I was so into what I was doing that I lost track of time! That was an amazing feeling. I traded up the workouts I did so I think that might have helped as well. The schedule said HIIT and then sculpt but i decided to do the sculpt first. I felt that when I would do the regular high intensity workouts before the sculpt or tone workouts that the second workout was a little harder to get through. So this time I decided to change that, I used the sculpt workout as more of a warm up to the HIIT workout. It was the best decision ever!

Look at that sweat glow! <3

Changing my diet up a little and Grocery shopping!

So I decided to cut back on my carbs a little. I have been eating very healthy but I have been doing lot of starches. I was trying to cut out the processed carbs and just do whole food carbs like potatoes and rice. I decided to change that though. Because I also do a lot of plant-based “meat” which is usually made up of vital wheat gluten and can be high in carbs as well. So essentially I have probably been eating way too many carbs. So I will be eating a lot more veggies and “meat” instead of potatoes and rice. I got some tofurkey sausages so not all of the meat is made with the vital wheat gluten. Now I haven’t started just yet. I think I will start on Day 31. I feel like I have come a long way when it comes to my eating habits. I used to eat a lot of junk food and fried foods and hardly any veggies. Now I take my vitamins every morning with a shot of Amazing Grass Green Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens. I used to add this to my smoothie but i didn’t really like the taste. I saw a video on YouTube where a lady who is a vegan bodybuilder would do just a shot of the wheat grass and I thought that was genius. If I could do shots of alcohol when I was younger then I could do this no problem! lol It’s actually not as bad as alcohol. By itself it has a kind of sweet taste to it and it’s really not that bad. I also do a protein smoothie with blueberries every morning for breakfast. I make my lunch everyday so that I won’t be tempted to by anything I shouldn’t be eating. I make dinner every night for the kids and myself. I had been getting kind of lazy with the food I’ve been giving them lately though, and I really want to turn that around. I eat vegan but don’t always feed them vegan as well. My Hubby buys a lot of easy to make stuff which is OK for when you’re in a hurry but that stuff is usually not very healthy. Like pizza rolls and chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas, etc. I’m trying to get them back to eating veggies everyday like myself. More fresh fruits for snacks instead of candies and cookies. I went to the grocery store on Thursday on my way home from work and got everything that I was running low on.

Grocery Haul! 🙂

When you don’t have certain things in your fridge you tend to make crazy food choices that you wouldn’t normally make. Impulse buys and poor choices can sneak up on you. So I got everything I needed and wanted. Things for meals for the whole family to enjoy and not jut me. I love cooking so it shouldn’t be to inconvenient. I just have to make sure I workout as soon as I get home so that I can make sure I have dinner on the table by 6 or a reasonable time close to that. So I guess I am changing up all of our diets really!

My banana babies! <3

Lazy Saturday in bed 🙂

I usually like to get out of the house on the weekends and do stuff with the kids but this Saturday we just stayed in bed! I woke up late and just stayed in bed and watched Law and Order: SVU on ION all day. The kids were in bed with me. My husband and them pulled me into a tickle fight. We ordered pizza in. It was such a relaxing day that I didn’t even look at my phone at all. I didn’t even think about it too much. I went to sleep at like 6 pm. I think with work and working out and taking care of the kids and constantly cleaning up after them and never-ending laundry and cooking and homework, my body was just tired. It can be exhausting. This life is not for the faint at heart. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything but I do get worn out a lot faster than I used to. It was nice to not have to do anything. It was nice to unplug from the internet and Facebook and the gram and everyone else. I wish I could stay in bed forever sometimes but there is too much to do and people to see and fun to be had. A free day never hurt nobody though. You just have to take it sometimes!

Here are some pics of some of my vegan eats this week!

I made cheeseburgers with plant based cheese and meat.

I really loved these burgers. They were more like hand made patty’s and were super juicy! I topped it with spinach and tomatoes and onions and vegan mayo. The veggies were delicious too! Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots,  and squash. 

I grew my own tomatoes! <3

This was my first time making kale. I picked some tomatoes that i grew myself and sauteed them with onions and the kale and spinach. with a baked potato on the side. I will make sure to use a bigger pan next time because even though I filled up the entire pan with spinich and kale, it cooked way down and I wanted more. Bonus: I got my Hubby to eat this too! <3


Well that’s all for today. See you next time, Mama’s! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can get instant alerts for new blogs! 🙂



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