Day 22 – Life Happens

Happy Day 22, Mama’s!!!

Day 22! Woohoo!! Another week down and another mark on the calendar! This makes me so happy. So today I have Fire 45 EZ class and Stretch 10 Class on the schedule.  Last week I actually completed all 5 days of working out in a row. I was very excited about this. Although there was a little setback and instead of just taking Friday and Saturday as my free days, I also took Sunday. These things happen sometimes and as mom’s, we know to expect the best but plan for the worst. We just hope that the worst isn’t too bad. This is what happened to me this weekend. I wasn’t exactly prepared but since I had done all of my workouts in preparation of taking Friday and Saturday off, I kind of was.

Day 19

On Day 19 I did HIIT 15. I was supposed to do HIIT 15 AND Tone 30. I guess I never did Tone 30 before so I was not able to complete it. I was having trouble with my laptop. If you read my last blog then you remember that my TV went out and I had to use my laptop to do my workouts. Well it worked but would freeze up sometimes and even though I could hear her, I could not see her. Well with Wednesdays workout and the HIIT 15 workout, this was OK. I had done both of these before so if I couldn’t see her it was no big deal. I would keep going and after a few seconds the screen would unfreeze and I was usually on track. Well with the Tone 30 that didn’t work because I had no idea what i was doing since it was my first time doing that particular workout. So I just called it quits after the HIIT 15. Thursday night I put the kids to bed like normal. Everybody was doing OK. At about 9 pm I started getting all the kids rounded up and ready for bed. They had gotten some crayons from the basement and had them all over my dining room! So I grabbed Sammy and went to put him to bed but he had no sheets. I grabbed some clean bedding out of the closet.  My husband had just washed his sheets earlier that day but I didn’t feel like going downstairs into the basement to get them out of the dryer. Later that night Sammy kept waking up crying. He was crying every 15 minutes or so. I figured he was just getting sick. Like a cold or something like that. Me and the Hubby ended up letting him sleep with us cause that was the only way he would sleep.

Day 20

I woke up on Friday and since Sammy was sleeping finally, I got up and got the older kids breakfast and got everyone ready for school. Even Nicolas was up so he rode with me to drop the older ones off at school. When we got back I got a cup of coffee and sat down in the living room to watch some morning news. Well my husband heard Sammy wake and brought him out of the room and set him down in the hallway. Usually Sammy walks down the hallway to the living room and to me. Since I go to work before everyone wakes up during the week, he is always super excited to see me! <3 He set him down but his eyes were closed. He had his little hands out feeling for the couch. I thought maybe he just wasn’t fully awake but it turns out that his eyes were very swollen and he would not or could not open them. Of course I was freaking out! This was why he was crying all night long. He couldn’t open his eyes! I felt so horrible. It was the middle of the night when I went to check on him so I thought nothing of it when his eyes were closed. It usually takes me about 5 minutes for my eyes to open in the morning. One of his eyes was much more swollen than the other so at first I thought it was a spider bite. There was what looked like a tiny little white head so I thought that maybe there was a little spider or something hiding in those sheets I had gotten out of the linen closet. We ended up taking him to urgent care.

This was Sammy on the way to the Urgent Care. You see his right eye was much more swollen than the left. My poor baby!

While we were waiting, my Hubby had to leave and run back to the house and grab the diaper bag cause of course I forgot it. He took Nicolas with him. I felt so bad because Sammy heard them leave and all of a sudden wanted to get down and go too. He even kept trying to walk towards some other babies in the waiting room after a while. When we finally got called back they took his weight and temp and all that good stuff and we waited for the doctor. I held him and sang Old McDonald and he sang incoherently. It seemed to calm him down a bit. He loves to sing. The doc came in and immediately diagnosed it as Conjunctivitis. He prescribed eye drops. I was a little skeptical, though. I had to get Sammy to turn around so the doc could see him a little more clearly. It was a good thing I did too. I thought it was a spider bite so I showed him how the one eye was more swollen than the other and kind of pried it open a little. Sammy did not like that but it was a good thing because there was a huge stye under his eyelid! The Doc seen it and immediately prescribed oral antibiotics as well. He said it was a good thing I showed him that. After that was over we got the paperwork and went to pick up the prescription and went home. I spent the rest of the day on the couch with him. I had to watch him closely because if I so much as moved he would know and would get down and try to follow me and since he couldn’t see, that was no good! I ended up giving him some Motrin along with the antibiotics the Doc prescribed. I figured that stye was pretty painful… It was so huge that when we tried to put the eye drops in, it hung over his lower eyelid. Also, whomever decided that giving a toddler eye drops seemed smart was clearly Houdini, cause it was damn near impossible!!! Well the Motrin did the trick because he actually slept Friday night! Success!

Day 21

Saturday morning , I was really looking forward to my baby’s eyes being open. They were not, though. I was really starting to worry! I went to get him out of his bed and he was crying and reaching towards the wall, trying to find somebody! (I had turned his bed around to keep him from escaping so the lower side was facing the wall.) All I kept thinking of was how the Doc told me to bring him back if his condition didn’t get better. I was really trying to give the antibiotics time to work but all kinds of craziness was running through my head! What if his eyes never opened? What if the infection was worse and he went blind because I took too long to take him back to the Doctor?!?! What if, what if, WHAT IF!!! I talked to my Mom which really helped. She convinced me to wait till about 2pm to see if he started to get better. Mom’s have a way of calming us down. I was very happy I did because she was right! Around noonish I had to take Sammy to the bathroom with me cause my Hubby had left for the store or something. (I don’t remember)  I sat him down on a stool while I used it and I look up and his little left eye was open!!! It was so red but it was open!! After a few more hours he started to open them a little bit more and for a little bit longer each time and by bedtime he had them both open the whole time. So we didn’t have to go back to urgent care. I was very happy for that! After thinking about it , I think it was the crayons from the basement that might have caused the infection. There was some mold down there during the summer and we had cleaned it all up but the crayons didn’t have a top and one of the older kids must have snuck down and got those. Sammy probably touched those and then rubbed his eyes. Just a guess.I threw them out just in case.

By the end of Saturday he was starting to act like his crazy little self again. He even took some selfies with his Mama! His eye was still reddish and swollen but his spirits were high! 

Day 21

So I decided to stay home from work on Sunday to take care of Sammy. It felt so good to look into his room and see him standing there in his bed with both eyes open!!! His cute little smooshy face!! Even though his eyes were open, they were still swollen and red. I gave him his eye drops and meds. We hung out on the couch and watched Disney movies. By the end of Sunday he started to look a lot better. I did, however,  notice when giving him his eye drops that he had a smaller stye on the left eye too. No wonder he didn’t want to open either eye! He really was a little super trooper, dealing with that pain. So since I took the day to take care of my little Samuel-Son, I did not work out like I was supposed to. I figured if there was ever a reason to break schedule, it would be this. Fast forward to Day 22! Today my Hubby said Sammy was doing much better so I will be working out tonight. Back on schedule! I am very glad that I stuck to my schedule last week because If I hadn’t, I would have missed 3 days instead of 1! I’m just glad that Sammy is feeling better. Schedule or no schedule, that’s what mattered most to me! <3

Sunday night selfies… his eye is practically back to normal. Those antibiotics and eye drops really worked. Thank God! 

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