Impossible Burger At White Castles (Review!!)

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So this Friday me and the Hubby spent all day cleaning house and spent a few hours at the laundry mat. We do have a washer and dryer but we had so much stuff to wash that it would have taken all weekend! It kind of reminded me when I was younger. It was always just me and my mom and my sister at home. We either had a washer and dryer or if we did go wash it was like one or two load. I used to spend every waking moment over my Godmothers house. She had 5 kids and as you can imagine, they had a lot of laundry every week. They would get up at 5 am every Sunday to go to the laundry mat. They always had like 10 bags of clothes! Doing laundry wasn’t my fav thing to do but if you went then you got fast food. That was motivation for me! (Apparently I’ve always been a big fan of food!! lol) Going to the laundry mat took all morning so we got to get lunch while we were out. That’s why this weekend reminded me of back then. Once we got everything into the washers, we were starving! The Hubby was thinking McDonald’s but I know they don’t have anything vegan except salad and oatmeal. I remembered seeing on the news about the Impossible burger being at White Castles. So that’s where we went. My husband isn’t vegan so we have to compromise on where we go eat now.  I had gotten 2 ads with coupons in the mail last week but neither had any coupons for the impossible burger so that was a down side. I would of thought that would be nice for people who had never tried it before. They could save a little money if it was their first time ordering this item. Especially if they don’t even know if they would like or not. So the burgers were $1.99 each. I thought this was little high cause White Castle sliders are very small but they ended up actually being bigger than the original slider. They also didn’t taste or look like your average frozen patty fast food burger. It was like I had ordered them from a real burger joint! I thought they were amazing!! So delicious! Not too salty and not over done. They didn’t taste like cardboard. They were good. I got them without cheese since I didn’t know if they cheese was vegan. Probably not though. I didn’t want to chance it. So this is officially my fav fast food burger. I always like that White Castle had the veggie burger which is vegan. It was okay when your out with the family and don’t want to be left out the food process. These were way better than the veggie burgers because they tasted like real burgers! Now I don’t really know if  can say for sure if they affected my physically. I had 4 with an order of onion rings and a few hours later I was running to the bathroom! lololol If your from St. Louis then you know there are plenty of names for white castles burgers. Belly bombers, gut busters, etc… Well I don’t know if that was what it was. I have been eating super healthy the last couple of weeks so that could have been a contributing factor. Your body gets used to eating nothing but clean and all of the sudden you feed it 4 burgers and onion rings!?!? I didn’t have any gas or stomach pains and i didn’t have burger burps which i used to get from eating their regulars burgers back in the day. (TMI? lol) I barely ate there till I became vegan because of that. I didn’t have any of those negative side effects.

Basically they were amazing and I would definitely order them again! Tasted great and no animals died for it! Best burger ever!! 🙂

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2 Replies to “Impossible Burger At White Castles (Review!!)”

  1. Lol I love it when I return I’ll have to try them ❤❤❤I had been telling everyone how the black bean burger from BWW was better than my burbon burger. I didn’t even eat half of it smh. These days I really enjoy my black bean burgers over a real one. Guess the taste buds are changing. ( or ur influencing me ) Up side aside from the poor animals and cholesterol, I dont feel weighed down. Good energy.
    Must try. ( ur funny ) thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks!Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!!! You are awesome!!! One day I’m going to learn to do video blogs so I won’t have to type so much. That black bean burger was fire! Got my mouth watering just thinking about it!!! lol

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