Day 10 & 11 – Eat Like You Are In Training

Good Mornin’, Mama’s!

Yes, I am still here and still trucking on! Everyday I feel a little bit stronger and have a little bit more energy. I am also ready to pass out every night at exactly 9:30 pm. Today is technically day 12 for me. I just a little behind on my blogging due to my computer being down, but I am back now! Woohoo!!!

BEAST in Training

I believe I am back on track now, even after missing those 2 days last week. My eating has gotten a lot better this week as well. I haven’t had any soda in 4 days! That’s a big thing for me because soda is my ultimate weakness. Having a mini fridge in your room stocked full of them doesn’t help either, but its my job to control my own cravings and resist the urge. I have been eating more to fuel my body as well. I do a carb like rice or potatoes and a veggie and a “meat”… I did tofu teriyaki this week and these amazing quinoa crunch burgers I found but cant remember where? I think it was Shop n Save? I only got one box because I didn’t know if the kids would like them but now that I know they are amazing I will definitely buy more! I have been trying to eat simple this week. Nothing but water and foods with no ingredients like rice or vegetables or potatoes or tofu. I know the crunch burgers are processed but i figured with no bread or toppings they are still pretty simple. I’m being more aware of what I am putting into my body. It is not enough to train the outside while still putting crap inside. I am building the body I want so that means changing my diet. So I guess I am actually on a diet. I hate to say that cause it sounds so cliche’! I hate dieting but it really doesn’t even feel like that’s what I am doing. I am training for the body I want. I want this so badly that I can see it in my minds eye. I can visualize my 6 pack that I will have in the future. That is how badly I want this. I couldn’t even remember to take my prenatal pills when I was pregnant but now I wake up every morning and remember faithfully to take my B12 and my multivitamin. I remember to drink my pre workout shake 20 minutes before my workouts and I I have my BCAA protien recovery shake after every workout. When you want something bad enoughm it no longer feels like a chore but a step that gets you closer to what you want! I am actually looking forward to my bi-weekly weigh in on Saturday. Why? Cause I know I killed it this week!

This is the BCAA I use for muscle recovery. It tastes much better that the pre workout drink below.

This is the blueberry pre workout drink… it does the job.

Toast with almond butter and agave nectar

I love this burger!

Blended blueberries and agave nectar into the protein shake and it was delicious.

Back On Track

Me after my HIIT 20 DRIPPING SWEAT!!!

Thought I would add this pic of Sammy working on his core! <3

So things are still on track. In my one of my last blogs I was telling you about how I messed up during the weekend and ended up skipping two whole days of workouts. Well Wednesday (Day 11) was my rest day and the plan was to go ahead and workout before work AND after! I am sad to report that this was not the case. I was way too tired to wake up at 4 am and workout! lol I was exhausted yall! I did however workout after work so there was a workout yesterday, none the less. I did The Fire 55 Class which was what I missed on the schedule from last Friday. Saturday’s schedule was the Fire 30 class which I did that Tuesday. Since I had never done the Fire 55, I choose to do that particular workout instead of the Fire 30. I hope this all doesn’t sound too confusing. On Day 10 I did HIIT 20. It is a 20 minute High Intensity Interval Training Class and let me tell you, those classes are the hardest of them all. They can be deceiving because they are only 15 or 20 minutes long but they bring the sweat! The good thing about the HIIT 20 was that I made it through. The HIIT 15 class I did during Day 3 really kicked my butt so I was really dreading this one all week. I was really kicking myself for missing day 6 & 7 because I know they have a schedule for reason. You do each workout everyday and you get stronger everyday which in turn prepares your body for harder and tougher workouts. I felt like I was no longer prepared. It’s like when you don’t study for a big test and you look up and you are in front of the whole class in your underwear!!! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!! lol Just kidding, but you know what I mean! I felt really bad because I was supposed to be holding myself accountable but instead I said, “Awe, you ok girl. Take a couple days off!” I know that I will not let that happen again. I said it before, I am my own coach. I have to hold myself accountable.

Day 12 (Day 11 on the schedule)

Today is Day 12 and I will be doing The HIIT 15 class (Again) and the Sculpt 30. The Sculpt 30 will be a first for me. I have never done so many new workouts before. I had TurboFire back in 2013 on DVD and I remember doing the Fire Starter Class and a couple others but I must not have been consistent at all because all of these feel brand spanking new to me. It feels good to try new things. This has basically been my Mantra for the last year. I want to learn as many new things as I can while I can. I have also heard that doing the same workout everyday will not help you in your weight loss journey. This is how people fall into a rut or stall out in their weight loss. This schedule is amazing because even though I am on Day 12 I have only did a couple of these workouts twice. It will be nice when I have done them all so that I can focus on going extra hard instead of just learning the moves. Even though I am still learning, I go as hard as I can. I really do love Chalene Johnson’s classes because she is always talking to you and motivating you to go harder or to jump higher and run faster. She really makes me feel like I can do it! I feel every muscle in my body because of her. I really haven’t felt my abdominal muscles since before my 3 year old was born. After you have a baby you just kind of left with this belly like a bowl of jelly and you have to work really hard to get back to what you were. Well since I had 2 babies in 3 years, my abs were basically non existent. I started doing the standing ab workouts for my diastasis recti and that seemed to help kick start it but these workouts have kicked it up another notch. Everyday I feel all of my abdominal muscles. Not just in the front but all of the muscles that wrap around my core. I would breath in to deeply and my muscles would hurt like I was wearing a corset but I wasn’t. That was just my muscles being sore from working them out so hard! I may not be able to see them yet but I know they are there and that is a big milestone for me! I have ABS, y’all!!!

Well I’m going to get on out of here. You guys let me know how you are doing on your fitness journeys in the comments or just say hi! Until tomorrow…

Do your best at whatever you do!

Bye, Y’all!! <3

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