Day 8 – Love + Happiness = FAT! <3

Mornin’, Mama’s!!!

Today is Day 8 of my workout fitness journey thing. I literally feel all of my muscles so I know these workouts are working. Today is the 1st day of WEEK TWO!! This should be a wondrous milestone. Every little step is a step none the less and a whole week is something to be proud of in my book. Working out everyday AND eating healthy everyday is no easy feat… or is it? Maybe it’s just easy for me to talk myself into thinking that if I have this little bit of soda it will be alright because I’m going to workout anyways, so I drink five! Or if I eat this some popcorn and eat a slice of pizza it will be ok because I did great for the first 5 days of the challenge, so I eat a whole bag of popcorn and a whole pizza!  But if you still have 83 days to go and you’re already giving yourself permission to fall back into your old habits then what does that mean? I am by no means a dumb girl. I know that in order for me to see the results that I want, I need to stick with these three things.

  1. Workout
  2. Drink lots of water (NO SODA)
  3. Eat healthy foods (Eliminate processed foods)

The Weekend

Well Thursday is my Friday and I am off Friday and Saturday. My Hubby is also of on these days as well. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I love hanging out with my husband and the kids at the same time. The only thing about that is that my Hubby doesn’t struggle with weight issues like me. He has weighed the same his whole adult life. He is still all muscle and has a six-pack. (I know, I hate him sometimes too! lol) Even with that being said, He loves me just the way that I am. He tells me so all the time. This is a gift and a curse! When I am with him and we are out and I am trying to making better choices, he is not and often encourages me to get whatever I want which is not what I want but sometimes I can be weak-willed. I admit that. He brings home soda from work because he loves soda, but I am like an alcoholic when it comes to soda, I can’t just have one! Also, it is harder for me to do my workouts when he is home. Thursday was great. I told him I needed to workout and he was fine with that and found other things to do while I was busy. Friday, I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t workout for that reason. Saturday we had a lot of stuff to do. We grabbed a bite to eat while out. I always tell myself that I should start ordering salads but that never happens. I tell myself, “Well everyone else is having good food, why can’t I?”, then I end up eating what I’m not supposed to eat. Then later we all ended up watching movies together and I just didn’t know how to say, “Hey, I know we are having this great movie night but do you mind if we stop so I can work out really quick?”. I love the times we do get to spend together too much to have done that. So that makes me wonder, “Is love and happiness making me fat?”.

Love is a hot meal with a hot man! 😉

I will admit that one of the first things that made me fall in love with my Hubby was the fact that he could cook. He was really great at frying things and I was great at baking. Before we met I didn’t eat fried anything really. Not completely because it was fattening but because I just wasn’t that good at it. I could bake a whole chicken with potatoes and carrots and celery or baked pork chops or baked fish or whatever. I obviously wasn’t vegan back then. My meal dynamic was meat, carb, veggies. His meal dynamic was fried meat, carb and carb. Which is why i don’t think that all of these bodybuilder’s and lifters are wrong when the tell us to quit cutting our carbs just as long as you have the right carbs cause he is nothing but muscle!  Well eventually I switched to his diet since he was the one doing most of the cooking, especially during my 4 pregnancies. As you can imagine. I gained a considerable amount of weight. Especially with my last pregnancy. I was at the highest weight I had ever been and needed to change because my health was starting to deteriorate. Now our food relationship has changed. I cook my own meals now. Since I am vegan, my meals are basically just side items for him but I am wearing him down a little and he is starting to eat more veggies and even a salad every now and then. {APPLAUSE} Since I have started making my own meals, I have finally begun to lose the weight. Now I just need to stop drinking the soda and quit skipping my workouts. It’s weird to me how incredibly simple that sounds but in real life, it’s actually hard as hell for me! I don’t know how to just drink one soda and I don’t know how to make my workouts (and myself by association) a priority. I do know that If I don’t figure it out, I will fail. If I give myself permission to have that soda and permission to skip that one day, I know how it will end. I will drink a case of soda, and end up skipping a week of workouts before I know it and that thought terrifies me because I really want this! I really want this to work. I have tears welling up just typing this. If I don’t fight for myself who will? It’s not my husband’s job to fight for me. I love him with all my heart and I know it is not his responsibility to make me workout or eat healthy or drink more water. I have to hold myself accountable at the end of the day. I have to fight for myself.

The Plan!

So the plan is to make up for the 2 days of workouts that I missed. I will workout on my rest day (Wednesday) and also do a double workout on one of my days. Maybe an early morning workout before work and then my regular workout after. Maybe I will also do this on Wednesday since that seems to be a good makeup day. I will probably hate myself but I am my own coach. I have to be hard on myself because If I think I have permission to slack off or permission to fail, I will! As my own coach, I refuse to give myself permission to do that.

Lets go, TEAM SUCCESS!!!! TEAM ME!!!

P.S- I will be doing another post tonight with a weekly weigh in and pictures. Even though I don’t feel like I am ecstatic about my progress this week, since I EF’d off the last 2 days, I am still going to take ownership of it.

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2 Replies to “Day 8 – Love + Happiness = FAT! <3”

  1. Yes!! I am going to blame them lol
    Think about it dating consist of dinner sitting in movie theaters. Talks over aps drinks and desserts to make the night last. Cuddling on the couch. I miss eliminate. They did active things on dates. But that was tv of course.
    Meal time is bonding. Vs if we were single we could only think of ourselves.
    Lol I remember wanting to workout in secret. STOP LOOKING AT ME!! ( as I half drool and bounce my breast into make face while jiggling in every direction. ) see I can blog too 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

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