Day 3 & 4… Is this really going to be easy?

Greetings and Salutations, Mama’s!!!

Today is Day 4 of my TurboFire schedule, aka REST DAY!!! I cant tell if this week is going by fast or slow? I haven’t really made up my mind about it yet. I am very happy about it being rest day though. The first two days of the schedule were the Fire Starter class and Stretch 10 class. Of course it was a challenge but not as bad as I thought it would be. I was really excited about the fact that day 3 was HIIT 15 and Stretch 10. In my head I was thinking, “Oh, great, A 15 minute workout!! I need an easy day!!”. I could not have been more wrong. HIIT 15 really kicked my ass! I was thinking it would be harder but the reality was even harder! For the first time I found myself doubting whether or not I could really do this. Below is my post-workout selfie.

   My “I Survived This HIIT Workout and All I Got Was This Stupid T Shirt” look! lol

I know that sounds bad but it’s true. There were like 3 moves that she would do at a slow pace so that you could learn them and then you would do those moves at the highest intensity your body could do…  3 TIMES!! She did 3 different combinations of moves and 3 sets of each of those moves. By the time we got to the third set I was ready to take my legs off and throw them at the TV. I was talking gibberish! I was also talking a lot of smack to Chalene through the TV screen! lol I guess its hard for everyone when they start out. Even though it was very hard and I got a little discouraged , I know I will not be giving in so easily. I really want this to work. I gave myself a goal of losing 100 lbs this year and even if I don’t hit exactly 100, I would like to get somewhere near it. This is supposed to be my healthiest year yet. So far things are going pretty well as far my diet goes. I have never ate so many vegetables in my entire life as I do now on a daily basis. I eat vegetables everyday! I might not be a salad eater but i get my vegetable servings and then some. I only eat fast food once in a blue moon. There have been several times that I have been on my way home from work and have thought about stopping all the way home. I thought about stopping to get dinner for the kids because it was such a hard day at work or I was just feeling tired and lazy. I didn’t though. I would talk myself out of it. I would tell myself that I had tons of good food at home and it wouldn’t take me that long to make it. It also wouldn’t cost any extra money either because all the ingredients were already in my refrigerator. These last few weeks I have even been remembering to take my vitamins as well. I heard so many YouTube vloggers say to remember to take your B12 supplements. They said it was the only vitamin you would lack in your Vegan diet. Me being me, I did NOT do as they said and months into my new vegan lifestyle I couldn’t figure out why I was sooooo tired?!?!? So I finally got some B12 and it literally restored my energy levels to above and beyond my expectations. I will never forget to take them again! My life on just a daily basis is already just packed full of non-stop stuff to do. I go to work most of the morning and when i get off in the afternoon I have an hour before its time to pick up the kiddos from school. So I spend time with my 1 and 3 year old, usually cleaning up after their lunches and changing diapers and getting them ready so that we can all go pick up the other two. When we get them home we do snacks and homework. I workout and then make dinner. let the dogs out and clean up whatever messes were made from snacks and dinner and do the dishes and set up the coffee pot for the next morning. Bathe the kiddos and do my daughters hair and then off to bed for them all. By the time I am done with all that I am exhausted and barely able to bathe myself! The thing I like about the TurboFire videos the most is Chalene herself. She talks to you during the workouts. She always has motivating things to say. In the FireStarter workout she says people always complain about not having enough energy to workout but if you don’t workout you will never have enough energy. Working out is how you get the energy! It sounds like an evil little catch 22 to me but it makes sense though. That is why when I get home and I am tired and ready to give up, I think of the old me who could barely get of the couch and how she  NEVER had energy to do anything. People would call and ask me if I wanted to take the kids to events or to the zoo and I would hate the thought of having to get up and leave my house. I don’t sit all day anymore but I’ve noticed myself sliding back into old habits and this challenge will hopefully get me back on the right track. Day 4 is almost over and soon it will be day 30, then 60, and then 90! (Yup, I’m really trying to rush it! lol)

Well that’s enough rambling from me for today. Happy day 4/ REST DAY, Mama’s!!!Below are some pics of what I ate today and yesterday. I do a lot of leftovers so sometimes I might have the same things over and over. 🙂

Cabbage (again) and sweet potato with vegan butter (again)

Boca Original Turk’y burger and veggies with a little  Just Chipotle Ranch dressing drizzled over it.


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One Reply to “Day 3 & 4… Is this really going to be easy?”

  1. You are so funny I swear I used to call Jillian Michaels all kinds of B’s!!!
    She would stop a workout, walk over to one of the girls and explain. I used to thing bit#@if you don’t get your a$$ down here and die a slow death with me !
    This is very inspirational. I’d have to do mine in the am. But I love my sleep. Tomorrow I will brain storm.

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