It’s been a long time!

Hey, My grown mama’s!

I know its been a while since I last posted. I have been very busy with work and working out and since going vegan , I try to make dinner every night for my kids. I have been so tired but also happy.

I think the last time I posted was back in March. I had just started a new job in February and I was still getting settled in. Well I am happy to report that all is well. I love this new job. It is so much easier than where I was at before. Nowhere near as much stress. It’s crazy what stress can do to you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It seemed like that place was literally killing my spirit. We work so hard everyday, not just as mothers but in our marriages, careers, in our lives period. So much so that when you see others that aren’t working nearly as hard as you get promoted over you, you instinctively work even harder. If your anything like me you work extra hard to portray a certain image. The image that you have it all together without breaking a sweat. I was constantly moving and going. If i stopped for 5 minutes my boss would say something. That place was toxic. There was a constant air of competition and no one was winning. That was why I had to leave. Life is too short to be trying to kill yourself for a job that will have you replaced before your body is even warm in the ground. I am so glad that I finally got of that mouse wheel. I am much happier and relaxed at the place I work now. They trust me to do the job that they hired me to do. If i stop moving for 5 minutes, nobody complains because they aren’t watching me. They know I’m doing what they hired me to do. It is such a relief.

I am still working out. During February I was working out 5 days a week and then in March I went down to 4 days a week. Then in April I was sick a lot. I went down to 2-3 days a week and one whole week , I didn’t work out at all. Starting May, I picked up my momentum and was working out 6 days a week until about halfway through. I went on vacation and didn’t workout during that time although there was a lot of physical activities so I was still getting a workout. So now with it being the beginning of June I will be trying to workout EVERYDAY! That’s the plan anyways. I keep a calendar and have been marking the days I workout. It really seems to help hold me accountable. It is very gratifying to conquer your workout, especially on a day where you didn’t feel motivated to do it at all, and then to be able to put that star on the calendar for everyone to see. After working out consistently in May I took more pictures. I didn’t feel like I was making progress but decided to take those pictures anyways. It needed to hold myself accountable. Taking those pics turned out to be a good thing because I couldn’t see the difference in the mirror but i saw it in the side by side of those pictures.

I could also feel the difference. I may not have noticed it in the mirror but I felt better. When I took my kids to Las Vegas on New Years, we did a lot of walking. My step goal now is 10,000 steps. Back then I was lucky to make 5,000. That was on a really good day. On that first day in Vegas, I hit 14,000 steps after walking around the adventure dome all day with the kids. My legs screamed in agony. I could barely fall asleep  because my legs were in so much pain! We went to Disney World a couple weeks ago and even though I was exhausted at the end of each day, I wasn’t in pain. I had so much fun. My husband was actually the one that wanted to stop every five seconds for food or to rest and I, on the other hand, was like the kids! I wanted to keep going and going! I felt great! Since I increased my workout time and days, I have been able to fit all my old clothes. I am still working on getting my stomach smaller but I can tell it is happening. I have been doing my ab routine, even though us hates it! lol I have made a lot of progress this last month alone, not to mention this year. I said that I was going to make this year the best year yet and I am actually feeling like that is happening. I just have to remember to take everything one step at a time and to not be so hard on myself if I miss a workout, or I don’t hit my steps. Just as long as I remind myself to get back on it the next day. One day at a time, one pound at a time.

I have been doing really well with being vegan. As I’ve said before in previous posts, the health benefits have been really good. I am learning so many new ways to cook food. I have also been cooking for the kids as well as myself. They are not vegan but they are when they are when I’m around. My husband doesn’t seem to be wanting to change ever so when he cooks for them, they eat what he makes and when I cook for them, they eat what I make! I changed schedules recently at work and I know get off a lot earlier. I actually have time to workout as soon as I get home from work and have plenty of time to make dinner for the kids. I am learning new recipes and trying new vegetables. The kids eat practically everything I make, which makes me so proud of them. My 7 and 6 year old remember that burgers come from cows and eggs come from chickens. They are getting better. My daughter actually saw a McDonald’s commercial the other day, her weakness for sure, and asked if they still made their burgers from cows. I told her yes and she says, “Well that’s ok mom, we can throw away the burger and keep the toy!”. That was a proud mama moment, for sure! I have definitely made had some slip ups in the last few months so I try to have the same philosophy as with my workouts. One day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. If you anything like me, you ate meat and dairy your whole life. It is normal to sometimes reach for something you shouldn’t have and not think about it because that was something you ate your whole life. With my husband not being vegan, it has happened to me. He has made lunch for the kids before leaving for work and I would get home after he would leave and get a fork and take a bite of whatever it was he made and realized immediately after, oh shit! I don’t eat mac and cheese anymore or oh shit! These mashed potatoes have bacon in them! I try not to be to hard on myself. I am a member of  Vegan Beginners 101. It’s a group on Facebook and it always helps to see other people post things that aren’t vegan and others gently remind them that certain things aren’t vegan. They are very nice. They tell you that it’s for the animals so don’t be hard on yourself cause at least you are trying. You are taking the steps to be better! There are so many products that contain milk, eggs, or meat products that I never imagined would. Mistakes are bound to happen, just don’t let them make you quit. 🙂

Well I gotta go. I will try not be gone so long like before. See ya next time, mama’s!

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