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So, I am learning new things every day about being vegan. Shopping and cooking, learning new recipes. It’s all new to me so I try not to be to hard on myself when i miss stuff, and miss stuff I do!!! I decided to go on an impromptu shopping trip the other day to Shop N Save to pick up some fake cheese i had seen there a few weeks ago. I was really craving some pizza so I was going to make a variation of pizza using a spinach tortilla shell I someone recommended i try and the fake cheese i had seen. So I got to the store and went straight to the produce section which is where i had seen the “cheese”. I grabbed two bags of it and some tomatoes. I went around and also grabbed the tortillas and stopped in the freezer section. Last time i was there I had saw that they had a section for Morning Star “meats”. Like chik’n nuggets and patties and Veggie burgers and stuff. I was thinking of trying the chik’n nuggets and decided to check the ingredients and low and behold… It contained milk AND eggs!!! Ugh!!! I couldn’t believe it! After that i went through and checked every single item from Morning Star and they ALL had either milk or eggs OR BOTH in the ingredients list. THEN I decided after that that maybe i should check the ingredients on the fake cheese “GO Veggie Cheese” (Yup, that’s what it was called!) and dammit if it didn’t contain: MILK!!! Casein* Milk Protein. I was so mad because I had assumed that fake cheese would be dairy free but apparently, NO… it’s not! Now in defense of the Go Veggie Brand, upon further inspection the package said Lactose Free and apparently the is a Vegan Brand.


The one good thing I’ve learned from this besides to always, always check the ingredients list is that right below the ingredients list on most products they will specifically say… Contains: Milk or Contains: Milk and Eggs or Contains: Wheat, Soy, And Milk. You get the point. They will say if they contain what are considered popular food allergens. This is very good for me since my 2 year old has all those crazy food allergies. I definitely need to know if something contains milk, eggs, soy, gluten or peanuts. Anywho, So  I left the grocery store very frustrated and just generally distrustful of processed foods. I was very glad that the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter: VEGAN was really vegan. After getting home though, I decided to check the creamer I had bought from Dollar General a couple days before. It stated clearly on the front, Non-Dairy, Gluten Free but after the GO Veggie cheese I decided to take another look. Now this shit really pissed me off (Excuse my french!) because it said clear as day on the front NON-DAIRY!!! Under ingredients… Contains: MILK!!! This one made my head hurt.

My head hurts just typing this!!! I couldn’t believe that they would have the nerve to put NON-DAIRY on the front and then turn around  and put on the back, Contains: Milk! lol Yup, they got me. So like I said, Mama’s, check the labels and the ingredients lists of the food that your buying because some of these food manufacturers LIE!!! They will put stuff on the label just to sell more products. Whether you are vegans, non-vegans, vegetarians, or none of the above, you should always know whats in the food you and your family eats. That creamer really got me though. I guess maybe they didn’t know milk and dairy were the same or what! lol



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