It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Well it has officially been one week since I’ve decided to make a lifestyle change. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a vegan yet. I don’t think enough time has gone by for me to have earned the title. Some of you may wonder why I even want to be a Vegan. I mean, who would want to turn their backs on a delicious steak or a perfectly cooked Roast Beef sandwich with Au Jus sauce, etc. etc. etc.. I know! I know! I will not lie and tell you that I don’t love the taste of meat… BUT! Yes, there is always a but. I started following PETA on Facebook this year. Yup, I messed up. It started with just videos of Sheep getting brutalized and beaten while being sheered just for an overly priced pair of boots. Minks being gassed to death for an overly priced coat. Geese feathers being plucked from their poor little bodies as they fight in desperation to get away. Then came the videos of animals in slaughter houses. Let’s just call them murder houses! The videos were horrifying and I had nightmares and I thought about them for days and weeks. I had become so numb to it all. Just going into a grocery store and buying a bag of chicken wings and never thinking of how many chickens had to die for that one bag. How they lived a short life not on some farm somewhere in the sun but in a dark dirty factory, cramped into tiny living conditions, never seeing daylight. I would cry for these animals. The screams of the pigs at a slaughter house will haunt me FOREVER!!! So I decided to make a change. Not for me but for the animals. I will be a vegan! Now this lifestyle change isn’t for everyone so please don’t think that just because I am making this change, that you have to as well. I have learned some new things this week about my new lifestyle. Here are a few of them.

Research Your Topic

I have been preparing all week by watching YouTube videos of different Vegan Vloggers and looking up information on Google as well. I love Google. I can take whatever vegetable I have on hand and google that plus recipe behind it (Example: Butternut Squash Recipes or Butternut Squash and Cabbage recipes. and voila! Endless recipes! I’ve prepared some pretty decent vegan meals and some not so decent… still learning though. I watched a video on how to shop vegan at Dollar Tree so today when I get off work, guess where I am going! Reading the labels will be the next thing I will have to learn to do.

Make Your Family Jealous with Your Scrumptious Veggie Meals And They Might Want Some!

Like I said before, not all of the things I’ve made this week were spectacular but some were great. There were more than a few times that my 6 year old DS told me, “Mama, Your vegetables smell delicious!”. Not to mention, my 17 year old son told me yesterday that he would like to become a vegan as well. My heart swelled with pride!

Take Notes To Help Your Mama Brain Remember

If you’re anything like me, you go to the grocery store for one thing and leave with a whole trunk full of NOT THAT ONE THING! lol This is why it is good to keep a notebook on you or in your purse or in your van or whatever. That way if you see something you want to try or find a new recipe on YouTube or Google, you can write it down and make a list, just remember to bring that list with you to the grocery store.


Well it’s time for me to sign off, Mama’s!!! I’ll be back again to tell you more about this lifestyle change.

Vegan Smooches!!! lol 😉


“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”  – Ghandi



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