Now I Ain’t Saying She’s a Goal Digger…

Hello, Mama’s! I know I haven’t been posting as regular as I probably should be. I’ve had a lot going on with the holidays and work. The holidays are my most favorite time of year and even though I really enjoyed them, they were very stressful this year. Work was very stressful, is how I should put it. They say life is what you make it so I put in for a transfer. Same job but different location. Sometimes a change really can do some good. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, from now on I am working on being a better, happier, and healthier me! Stress is not on the list. Spend more time with my family is on my list of things to do. Learn new things is on my list. Going new places is on my list. Stressing more about work is definitely NOT on my list of things to do! Spending more time at work is definitely NOT on my to do list!

This week was my first week and even though I had a lot to learn about the new job, the stress level has already gone down. I feel like I am a better mom to my children when I’m not stressed and worrying about things. I’m more patient and when you have 4 kids under 7, patience is very important!

Today is my first day of my Vegan lifestyle. Even just typing that was very hard because I kept wanting to type vegetarian instead. Life without cheese is very hard for my mind to fathom. I love CHEESE!!!! I can pass on milk. I love Almond milk and my family has already transitioned due to my 2 year olds milk allergy. We have also been doing gluten free as much as possible for him as well. I have been googling vegan recipes so I hope that helps. I will have to do some food prep to keep me from wanting to hit up the vending machines or order something from the cafeteria. If any of you Mama’s have any great Vegan recipes, please share them below in the comments!

This next month I will try to do more blogs. That is my goal. I want to try to complete a blog everyday for the month of February. This is what I want to do full time someday so I need to get on the ball. If any of you Mama’s have any suggestions for topics or meal tips, or whatever just comment below. Wish me luck, Mama’s!


“Today is the beginning of whatever you want.”




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