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It’s about that time of the year where we start thinking of New Years Resolutions and that whole “New Year, New You” line of you-know-what that everybody is trying to sell us. Well how about instead of a new you, try bringing back the old you!!! You are already a super awesome Mama but do you remember your life before you had all those wonderful yet demanding tiny humans? Maybe this year we can try having our cake and eating it too! Oooooooooh, now I want some cake! lol

Being a mama is a full time job. We can sometimes loose ourselves in it. We have doctors appointments, sports practices and games, PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences, housework, pets, not to mention that pesky full time job that pays the bills but what do we do for ourselves? When was the last time you read a book? (And not a book on parenting, eczema, homeschooling, etc..) When was the last time you went out with the girls or even just by yourself without the kids or your Hubby? Have you ever wanted to learn a new hobby/ skill or just rekindle one you already have but never have time for due to you ever expanding mama duties? Well if you are anything like me then its been a long, long, LONG while!

Let’s make a Mama Bucket List! I challenge you to make 2018 the year you spend making time for yourself. Add yourself to your “To-Do-List”! It’ll be like when you go to the store to buy something for yourself but you end up getting a ton of things for your kids. The challenge will be not forgetting yourself!

Read A Book (Or Mama Blog!)

I know from experience that this can be challenging seeing as your kids probably talk to you every second of the day. Right now as I type, my 17 year old son is talking to me about something or another and I am blocking him out! Maybe start small with like a chapter a day. You could even multi-task and read out loud to the kids and then you can put it down for their 20 minutes of reading for school… unless it’s something like 50 Shades of Grey! Then I recommend reading out loud to your Hubby. Wink, wink!

Learning A New Skill/ Hobby Or Rekindling An Old One

Learn something new this year. This year I learned how to crochet from my Mom in Law. I find it very calming and relaxing, plus I love the end results. The beautiful things I make and my kids love to show them off at school. Maybe you had something you used to do before you had kids? Maybe you loved playing pool or taking dance classes? Maybe you did Yoga or Meditation but now there is no way to get your Ohm on with the  kids constantly screaming in your ear and crying and beating each other up while you take you’re eyes off of them for 2 seconds just trying to find you inner stupid stinking peace!?!? That’s what Hubby’s and Grandma are for and maybe if you ask really nicely they wouldn’t mind helping you achieve an hour of free time once every few days to get your yoga/ meditation on?

Make Time For The Girls

I remember having loads of time to spend hanging with my friends. That was before getting married and having kids. I still managed to have time for my friends at the beginning but then with each new baby or new pregnancy and the added mama duties that came along with them, the time I had became non existent. Let’s make it our mission to bring back girls night! Even if it’s only once every other month. Find time for your friends. Even if it’s just hanging out in the living room watching chick flicks and drinking wine. Or even just a simple phone call saying “Hey, Anna… how you been? Sorry for being such a shitty friend. I really miss you!”.

Whatever you decide to do or add to you’re mama list, I’m sure it will be great. Like I said, you’re already a super awesome mama. This next year will be awesome whatever you do, just remember to make time for YOU!




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