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Happy Halloween!!! (A day late and a Milky Way short!)

So this past week was Halloween and me and the family went trick or treating and got us some candy. I unfortunately had to work on Halloween but since I work day shift I was off in plenty of time to enjoy the haunted festivities!

All day long, all I could think about was getting home and going out with the kids. I headband with sparkly cat ears that I wore at work so I could be a bit festive. I was the only person to do anything for the holiday, I think. The kids school even made sure to send out a special phone call to parents to let us know that the kids weren’t allowed to dress up for Halloween and they had to be in uniform or be sent home. They even said they weren’t allowed to bring candy or chips due to the nutritional guidelines set out by the school district! BOO to them! Doesn’t anybody love the holidays anymore? Maybe it’s just my mama side that makes me different from other cause I adore holidays!

I dressed as Harley Quin. Izabella was a princess, Lil Will was Batman, Nicolas was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and Sammy was a lion. Issac didn’t want to dress up but I guess he is a teenager now. My husband (Not pictured) was Deadpool.

I even picked up stuff for dinner on the way home. I made some BBQ rib tips and Mac n Cheese for dinner. I got home and started cooking right away and Got me and Nikki Jr (Nicolas) in our costumes. As soon as I picked up Izzie and Will from school I got them into their costumes and Samuel as well.I was actually on time for once! That has never happened before EVER! But then I paid the price for that.

Never get the kids dressed and your not ready to leave the house that very instant. Period, point, blank! Ugh!! They bugged the crap out of me! My hubby went to a neighbors house to help him move some stuff so for the next hour they bugged me non stop about when we were going to leave and go trick or treating. Will kept asking if we were going to the pumpkin patch for some reason and Izzie just kept trying to walk out the door! It was like “Are we there yet?” but instead they were like, “Are we leaving? Are we leaving now? Can we go yet?” When we finally left it was good. We had a good time. Nikki Jr was so cute! Twikereeeeeeeeeet!!!! Tankoooooooooo!!!! Two is such a cute age. I almost forget how little he is sometimes. Izzie and Lil Will wanted to have conversations at every house. So much fun! And we got lots of candy!

All in all, it was an exhausting day but super fun. That should be my slogan!

Exhausting but Fun As Mama!!! lol <3

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