So You Think You Can Crochet?

This week was such a hectic week! Between work and home and Halloween and just life itself. Somehow I managed to complete one thing on my mama bucket list. I am learning how to crochet! Yay! I’m so excited. My Mother-In Law is helping me. She comes over and we crochet and watch slasher movies. I Love it! We went to Micheal’s for the yarn and crochet hook. I will get more as I progress but for now it’s just me and my lonely hook. Micheal’s, I have discovered, is the most wonderful place in the world and has the potential to steal all your money! It took everything in me not to spend ALL of my money in there! I plan on returning this week. Hehehe! I literally wanted to buy everything I passed up but the way my checking and savings is set up… lol. I bought some  beautiful purple yarn and a multi colored purple/ blue/ pink yarn. I am almost done with the scarf i started. It’s gonna be for Izzie of course because she claimed it and when your daughter claims it she gets it, apparently. She says purple is her favorite color just like her mama which is true so I can’t argue and it was supposed to be hers anyways! <3 I’m gonna learn how to make flowers today. I want to put a flower on the ends of her scarf to make it extra girly cause she is the definition of girly. My goal is to learn how to crochet baby hats so that I can donate them to the newborn babies in the hospital for the holidays. I know what you’re probably thinking… that’s an extreme goal for someone who also has a full-time job and kids and holidays coming up not to mention I don’t possess the skill either but it never hurts to have a goal or a plan… whether you achieve it or not! lol

Below are pic of my work so far. I started of really shaky and my stitches were lose and all over but I think I’ve gotten it together. It may look like a Dr. Suess scarf but I’m just so excited to have made something and my daughter loves it so my heart is smiling! <3

I also want to start cross stitching again. I used to cross stitch back when I was pregnant with my oldest (16 years old). That was a long time ago but it helped me get through the long pregnant days. The thing was I never finished anything back then. I was 18 and young and very flighty. I didn’t even work at the time so it’s not like I didn’t have time. I would cross stitch and watch Matlock re-runs all day. I kinda miss that part. Not the young and pregnant and broke part though! lol Well anyways, like I said, I want to pick that skill back up. A beautifully cross stitched pillow would be a wonderful Christmas gift for someone. Sigh…  Something to add to my always growing to do list!


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